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Update JDBC Connection Details for DigEplan


If you have moved/migrated your Casetool or DMS that was being used by DigEplan, you will need to update the JDBC connection details in the DigEplan configuration, in order to retrieve documents. 

1. Right click the web.xml file in the location below, and click ‘Edit’ E:/Oracle/glassfish3/glassfish/domains/AutoVue /applications/av_con/WEB-INF



2. Change the values in the CASETOOL_db_URL and DMS_db_URL parameters seen below. Note that you will need to keep the 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@' prefix to the server name port and instance you wish to configure




3. Repeat the Process for the AV_CON_WS configuration in the folder below: E:/Oracle/glassfish3/glassfish/domains/AutoVue /applications/av_con/WEB-INF

4. Restart the 'AutoVue Glassfish' service

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