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Update AutoVue and LCT Jars (Glassfish)


Getting Started

To begin you will need to  download the latest JAR updater application which you can find here. Also before installation please ensure that AutoVue GlassFish services and Oracle AutoVue services have been stopped (please see below).

Stop GlassFish ServicesSTOPGLASS.jpg

Stop Oracle AutoVue Services


Standard use 

1. Copy LCTJarReSignerV2.0.jar to your Glassfish Applications folder e.g. C:\Oracle\glassfish3\glassfish\domains\AutoVue\applications 

2.Open Command Prompt and run as Administrator, Once Command Prompt has opened navigate to the path of the file i.e C:\Oracle\glassfish3\glassfish\domains\AutoVue\applications. Once you are in the correct directory find the LCTJarReSignerV2.0.jar and run the command line.

The program will search for valid JAR files to update, and display their paths on screen 

3. The Lifecycle Technology JAR updater application will launch. 

3If you are happy with the JARs in the list, click OK to start the process. Otherwise, close the window. 

4. Once finished, you may click OK to close the window. 

5. You will need to restart the glassfish server to pick up the changes. Open up services (you can type services in the Start menu), right-click AutoVue Glassfish Server and click Restart

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