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AutoVue 2D for SAP Typical Server Specification


Supported Server Operating Systems (x64 Only)

  • Windows 2008 R2 server


  • Windows Server 2012 R2


Required Pre-Installed Software

  • Windows .Net framework 3.5 feature must be installed 
  • SAP Gui installed and configured to access required SAP systems via SapLogon.ini file


Recommended Server Hardware Specifications

The table below shows the recommended specifications to support up to 50 users of 2D applications.

These aim to provide a good user experience by ensuring there is enough capacity for the application to perform quickly and reliably.

Server CPU RAM


Test 2 x 3GHz 8Gb 30Gb 2 Document View Process (4Gb RAM) + Web application server (2Gb RAM) Operating System (2Gb RAM)
Production 4 x 3GHz 14Gb 60Gb 

4 Document View Processes (8Gb RAM) + Web app Server (4Gb RAM) + Operating System (2Gb RAM)


For high volume use of the application, please raise a support request for details and options :)


!! Important Note : To allow AutoVue to function and perform correctly, AntiVirus scanning and any on-access file monitoring software should be disabled on AutoVue installation partitions. 


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