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Document subject in the left frame expands and fills the left frame


If you are experiencing this issue, it's likely that you will see the document subject displayed correctly at first when the case is loaded, then as the left frame refreshes, You should see the characters displayed incorrectly, then the subject extend in length periodically as seen in the example below:


This problem can be solved by creating a new environment variable using the steps below.



1. On your DigEplan server(s), right click the Windows icon on your task bar, and select 'System' from the list of available options


2. In the system window, click the 'Change Settings' icon


3. In the 'System Properties' window, navigate to the 'Advanced' tab


4. In the 'Advanced' menu, select the 'Environment Variables' button

5.  Click 'New..' to add create a new Environment Variable


6. Enter the values for the variable as seen below, then click 'OK'




7. Clear the AutoVue cache. An article containing information on how to do this can be found here:

If this problem still persists, please get in touch with us at:




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