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AutoVue upgraded - Update AutoVue files in web application av_con_ws


DigEplan Web Services Web Application (av_con_ws)

This article describes the manual process of updating AutoVue help and jar files required for Lifecycle applications to work with the installed version of AutoVue


Update AutoVue Java Resources

1 - Navigate to the Oracle AutoVue bin folder

eg C:\Oracle\AutoVue\bin

2 - Copy the following jar files from the AutoVue 'bin' folder 

    • jvue.jar
    • gluegen-rt-jar
    • jogl.jar

3 - Navigate to the DigEplan Web Services web application 'lib' folder

eg C:\Oracle\glassfish3\glassfish\domains\AutoVue\applications\av_con_ws\WEB-INF\lib

4 - Paste the copied files into the 'lib' folder to replace the existing entries

    • jvue.jar
    • gluegen-rt-jar
    • jogl.jar


Restart AutoVue Glassfish Windows service to apply the changes

Re-start AutoVue Glassfish Server windows service

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