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AutoVue 21.0.0 2D Client Server Edition (CSE) Upgrade Installer


Note this is for AutoVue 2D only!

The installer included in this package is valid for

  • Windows 2008R2 x64
  • Windows 2012 x64
  • Windows 2012R2 x64

The installer will

  • detect and un-install the current AutoVue version
  • install AutoVue 21.0.0 (including patches)
  • replace application Gui files
  • replace user profile ini files
  • restore the path to the application help in all supported languages
  • re-configure the system to reflect previous configuration
  • create the 'Oracle AutoVue' windows service and set the start-up mode to 'Automatic'

1 - Download the installer using this link

2 - Run the installer as follows

Log on to the AutoVue server with Administrator privileges

Run the AutoVue 21.0.0 2D CSE Setup.exe

Accept the UAC prompt


Click 'Yes' to upgrade from a previous version

Accept the default host name - click 'Yes'

Click Next

Accept the AutoVue install file location (replaces the existing install) - click Next

Click Install


Accept the default host name - click Next


Click Uninstall

Note :

  • If AutoVue was installed and configured manually, you will be prompted to un-install the existing version
  • If AutoVue was installed as part of a Lifecycle Application automated installer, this process will run in background

Click Done


Click Finish

Start the 'Oracle AutoVue' windows service


AutoVue is now updated to version 21.0.0 :)

Note : You will now need to update 'Application Help' and 'AutoVue Jar' files within your corresponding Lifecycle Technology web applications





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