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Check access to shared services from Glassfish service account


Problems associated with this issue

If files and resources held in shared folders and network locations are not accessible by AutoVue applications, there is likely to be an issue with the credentials used to access them.

To check the credentials

1 - Log onto the AutoVue server with an RDC session using administrative privileges

2 - Open the Windows Services view and check the Log-on account used for the service

NOTE : If the service is running as 'Local System Account' it will not be able to access remote resources (file shares etc)!


It is a good idea to re-enter the password for the account incase it has changed


Note : If any changes are applied, the service will need to be re-started in order for the changes to take affect

3 - Check the Glassfish log-on user has access to the network share/resource 

If the user is not either a member directly or in a user group with corresponding access - add them

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