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AutoVue upgraded - Update AutoVue files in web application lct_av_sap_int


AutoVue Connector for SAP

This article describes the manual process of updating AutoVue help and jar files required for Lifecycle applications to work with the installed version of AutoVue

Update AutoVue Help files

1 - Navigate to the Oracle AutoVue HTML installation folder

eg C:\Oracle\AutoVue\html

2 - Copy folder 'Help' from this location

3 - Navigate to the corresponding AutoVue SAP connector web application folder

eg C:\Oracle\glassfish3\glassfish\domains\AutoVue\applications\lct_av_sap_int\

4 - Paste the copied Help folder to replace the existing


Update AutoVue Java Resources

1 - Navigate to the Oracle AutoVue bin folder

eg C:\Oracle\AutoVue\bin

2 - Copy the following files from the AutoVue bin folder


    • jvue.jar
    • gluegen-rt-jar
    • jogl.jar


3 - Navigate to the AutoVue SAP connector web application JVue folder

eg C:\Oracle\glassfish3\glassfish\domains\AutoVue\applications\lct_av_sap_int\jvue

4 - Paste the copied files into the JVue folder to replace the existing entries

    • jvue.jar
    • gluegen-rt-jar
    • jogl.jar


Restart AutoVue Glassfish Windows service to apply the changes

Re-start AutoVue Glassfish Server windows service

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