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Un-Install AutoVue for SharePoint Web Application Components


To remove the installed components required for the AutoVue for SharePoint Web Application, please follow the steps below.

Note : The Web Application installer is built up of many install components. The versions of each component may vary as not every component is updated each time a change is implemented.  Some of the instructions below may not be valid in every case.

Note: Running these uninstall components out of sequence may mean that the components can't be removed from the Add/Remove programs list.

Navigate to Windows Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features

1 - Uninstall all web-applications deployed by the installer

These are denoted by publisher 'Lifecycle Technology'

  • AutoVue for SharePoint
  • AutoVue Thumbnail Images
  • AutoVue Thumbnail Web Services (may not be present)

  • For each application, Click 'Uninstall'

  • If presented with UAC dialog, click Yes

  • If presented with a question

'Upgrade solution from the existing installation' click Yes


  • If presented with the following command prompt

'Please enter Glassfish Administration login details', enter the username/password

Just press enter to accept the standard defaults, or type in the account details


2 - Uninstall Glassfish Web Application Server

Note : The uninstall of Glassfish requires Java to be installed


If presented with UAC dialog, click Yes

3 - Uninstall AutoVue

4 - Uninstall Java (if not used in other applications)


The web applications uninstall is complete :) 


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