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Remove SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Farm Solution


This article explains how to remove or un-install the SharePoint Farm solution (WSP removal)

For each site where the solution is active (this includes sub-sites)

  • Navigate to Site Settings -> Site Administration (heading group) -> AutoVue connector settings

  • Deselect all columns active columns and click OK

Note : The 'Rendition Content Type' cannot be removed once activated since it provides the reference to the original document from which the rendition was created.

  • Navigate to Site Settings -> Site Administration (heading group) -> Manage Site Features

  • De-activate all 3 AutoVue Connector Features (if active)


  • Open the SharePoint Command Shell (as Administrator)

Run the PowerShell script downloaded in the last step



This will retract the solution from the corresponding SharePoint Farm :)

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