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Reconfiguring CORSA web services after moving CORSA installation


Please note: Any CORSA/DB configuration support carried out by Lifecycle Technology will incur an hourly charge while work is being carried out.

Corsa Web Services

- You will need to contact BCT will need to validate that the CORSA web services on the DigEplan server are updated and running correctly.

DMS Connection details

- You will need to check that the DMS DB connection string and credentials are correct. See the following link for information on this:

Grants and Synonyms

- The grants and synonyms will need to be validated to allow access to the CORSA DMS and to set permissions for user access. See the following link for information on this:


If a DMS Connection is applicable for your CORSA installation

- Ensure that the database is accessible and check the TNS names are valid. SQL plus can be installed on the DigEplan servers to test this. Validate with SQL plus that a connection can be established, and test the solution with known cases and documents that you are able to retrieve. 

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