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Use Microsoft 'Problem Steps Recorder' PSR to capture issues


Remove any ambiguity from your support request - capture all the detail easily :)

This is a great tool - and not many people know it exists!


How to use the 'Problem Steps Recorder'

1 - Open the Problem Steps Recorder

Type PSR in the windows start menu bar


2 - Start recording (the PSR takes screenshots and a location each time you navigate)


3 - Reproduce the issue or error as fully as possible

Navigate the application(s) and reproduce the error/issue or feature you wish to report. Each mouse click will take a screenshot.

Note : ensure the final state is captured - the PSR only takes screen capture during navigation/mouse clicks.

To ensure a page is captured, click in the page if something changed without you needing to do anything (often the last and most important page).  


4 - Stop the recording

This will open the save dialog to allow saving of the 'PSR' zip file

Attach the saved zip file to your support request


This will remove any ambiguity from describing how the error occurred ;)


You can find more detailed information on the PSR with this URL;



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