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SharePoint Batch Print Hangs - Configure Java 7 & 8 Security


For customers who use the 'Batch Print' functionality from the SharePoint AutoVue Connector, it is necessary to configure the Java Security Site Exceptions List for SharePoint in Java 7 Update 51 and above (including Java 8)

Note : In Java 8, there are no security warnings or errors presented to the user when the Batch Print functionality hangs

It may be necessary to request the Java security settings are applied by your ICT department if you do not have access to the items listed below


How to configure Java Security Site Exceptions list for SharePoint Batch Print functionality


1 - Goto Control Panel -> Java (or Configure Java)


2 - Select the Security (tab) -> Edit Site List (Button)


3 - Add the SharePoint Site address to the list of allowable sites


4 - Confirm the site exception


Batch print should now be configured :)

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