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Update a Lifecycle web application in Glassfish using the application installer


This article applies to the following web applications running in Glassfish

  • DigEplan av_con & av_con_ws
  • Thumbnails Web Services av_tn_ws
  • SharePoint Connector lct_av_sp_conn

Note : It will be necessary to start the AutoVue Glassfish and Oracle AutoVue Windows services when all install processes are complete on the server (it is not necessary to re-start the windows services between each application install).

How to run the web-application installer

Double click the icon to launch the installer.

Start the install process click Next

Ensure the install location to the Oracle folder is correct - (if not please change)

To start the installation process click Install

A command line prompt will appear to for the Glassfish Administration Username and Password

Note : If there is no password set, the install will continue after the username is entered.

The installer will automatically update the application and all corresponding settings. There are many operations and this may take some time - please be very patient ;)


The web application installation completed - click Finish :)


The web application is now installed :) 


For reference : Each setup.exe installer automatically completes the following steps

    • Stop Windows 'AutoVue Glassfish' & 'Oracle AutoVue' Services
    • Backup Glassfish AutoVue domain (all applications and settings - only if not backed up already that day)
    • Save a copy of all application settings - to be used for upgrade
    • Un-deploy existing application
    • Deploy the new application
    • Update all settings from the saved copy


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