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DigEplan Version 3.X Pre-requisites for BCT Corsa


If you run DigEplan with BCT Corsa DMS and would like to upgrade to DigEplan version 3.X please ensure the following pre-requisites are validated

1 - Pre-requisite details for system updates or changes

Please download and complete the form in this article and return via the support request ticket

2 - BCT Corsa Web Services Minimum Version

It is necessary to have the CORSA 'Chunk' web services with minimum version

For reference and how to determine the BCT Web Services being used, please see the following article - Corsa Non-Chunk Web Service Support Discontinued

3 - Corsa Reference Fields

Please ensure all the reference fields in this article are defined in Corsa

4 - DigEplan server minimum requirements 

  • Please see this article for details of minimum server specification requirements

5 - If this is a system upgrade, ensure the current DMS and Case system integration is fully working

Check Test and Production Systems prior to upgrade session

  • View
  • Stamp (with data from workflow system)
  • Conversion

6 - Stamp Icon configuration update required in stamp designer

The 'stamp icon' configuration will need to be updated for completion stamps to enable the icon in DigEplan Left frame.  Please see the following article - Stamp Icon Configuration In DigEplan Left Frame

7 - Other ICT actions

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