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DigEplan Version 3 supported URL parameters


In DigEplan Version 3, it is possible to integrate the solution by direct URL links in the ways listed below.


Calling the Default Application

This will open the application in it's default language (set by admin in config)




  • Language extension &langu=<language>

This function allows you to force DigEplan to be loaded in a specified language.

Current supported values are:

EN - English

DE - German

NL - Dutch



  • Case extension &case_id=<yourCaseNumber>

This will open DigEplan with a specified case/dossier pre-loaded and the first document in the case will automatically display



      • Case extension addition - 'sort ID' &case_id=<yourCaseNumber>&sort_id=<documentIdToView>

This will open DigEplan with a specified case pre-loaded in the search field and will load the case documents automatically, the 'sort ID' will push a specified document to the top of the document list in the left frame which will be opened by default



  • Single Document extension &doc_id=<yourDocumentId>

This will open DigEplan with a single specified document loaded in the left frame that is opened by default:



  • Multiple Documents extension &doc_id=<yourDocumentId1>|<yourDocumentId2>

This will open DigEplan with multiple documents.  Each additional document is delimited by a '|' character






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