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DigEplan Version 3 Release Notes


The following table contains the high level changes for all DigEplan Version 3 releases

Download and install the latest DigEplan software using this link :)


Release Release Date Notes
3.5.97 03.09.18 - No longer calls the Accela V7 (ME) REST API method 'v4/scripts/DIGEPLAN' for AutoVue markups files, this generated an error in the log files but did not affect DigEplan operation.
3.5.96 04.07.18 - PDF module updated to V1.8.8, to implement the following:
- Reduced the Adobe Annotation font scale to 95%, to ensure textbox text is consistantly displayed within the Adobe Annotation textbox
- If AutoVue 'TextBoxWIthLeader' markup entity is transparent, this is now reflected in the Adobe Annotation
- Implemented a work around for the 'TextBoxWIthLeader', if a 'TextBoxWIthLeader' markup entity is added, but not resized by the user
the bounding box is set incorrectly in the AutoVue markup entity and as a result only the first two lines are displayed in the corresponding Adobe annotation.
So now checks for this occurance and then attempts to calculate the markup entity bounding box height, using the number of text characters and font size.
3.5.95 01.07.18 - PDF module updated to V1.8.7 for Accela to add 'Zone 0' header image at the top of the cover page
3.5.94 18.05.18 - Fixed issue with Batch XML
3.5.93 30.04.18 - Intellistamps are now resizable irrespective of the process used to add them, ie batch stamp or via button in AutoVue. Previously they were only resizable if added via the batch stamp process
- If an Intellistamp attribute is ticked as ‘Edit’ in the AutoVue stamp designer, it may be edited when the stamp is inserted in DigEplan, if not ticked it cannot be edited. Previously it was always editable
- Accela :
- The filename of Interim Reports, now has a suffix _INTERIM_ and the department of the user creating the report, ie 'SitePlanV1_INTERIM_BUILDING.pdf'
- The filename of Final Reports, now has a suffix _REVIEW_REPORT_, ie 'SitePlanV1_REVIEW_REPORT.pdf'
3.5.92 10.04.18 - Fixed Issue with Corsa connection in 3.5.91
3.5.91 30.03.18 - Allow configured Corsa WS value to be passed into WS call
3.5.90 29.03.18 - Added 2 new parameters to allow configuration of Corsa service
3.5.89 15.03.2018

- Accela : Filtered Standard Text with the group text id 'AWStandardCommentDefault' as these are not required
- Added two additional parameters to the PDF module to allow graphical markup entities to be filtered from the cover page list and also set the sort order by Author or Page: 
Parameter 'mkpListIncludeGraphicalEntities' takes the value 'true' or 'false', if set to 'true' all markup entities are output in the cover page list. If set to 'false' only the 'Text Box', 'Text Box with Leader', 'Notes' and 'Stamps' are output in the cover page list. This paramter is set to 'false' for Review Cloud. 
Parameter 'mkpListSortBy' should be passed the value 'page' or 'author', the markup entity list is then sorted by 'page' or 'author' and then 'page'
These are parameters are mapped to the Accela 'AgencyConfig.ini' parameters 'PdfmkpListIncludeGraphicalEntities' and 'PdfmkpListSortBy'
- If file type is 'DWF' the print page size is set to 'A2', this is to allow for Accela ME DWF files that do not contain units and thus it is not possible to calculate the page size
- The the parameter 'pdf_converter_file_types' has been extended, if it contains 'DWFPDFCONVERT' and the file type is DWF, the PDF will be generated using Print To PDF
- When generating the 'Interim Report' it is now possible to choose just the Active markup file or All open markup files

3.5.88 27.02.2018

- A stacktrace will now be thrown if the process fails to read the batch
report when updating the left frame

3.5.87 27.02.2018

- Removed ojdbc8 (Not 12c compliant)
- Removed classes12 (Not 12c complaint)
- Added ojdbc6 (12c complaint)
- re-added sqljdbc4

3.5.86 26.02.2018

- Removed use of nio/StandardCharset Class

3.5.85  23.02.2018

- Updated Version and committed OJDBC 8 Jars
- Added Oracle JDBC 8 Driver to support 12c

3.5.84 23.02.2018

- Fixed Batch Report Refresh issue with icons reappearing/disappearing
when batch window has Jobs.

- Fixed Locked icon for CORSA to show the locked icon if the document is
set to definitive.

- enhanced the refresh process to only read the latest job for a
specific document id. (Prevents Invalid Icons)

- Fixed issue with UTF-8 Encoding on the left frame. AjaxHandler now
ensures UTF-8 response.

- Changed the locked icon to a better quality image.

3.5.83 21.02.2018

- Modified LCT_JOB_Servlet to read from properties file instead of batch

- Modified the SetDefinitive Method to set the Oracle02 Value when the
result is true.

- Modified AjaxHandler to return the Batch Data as UTF-8 Bytes

3.5.82 21.02.2018 - UTF-8 encoding was breaking the left getbatchdata call preventing
icons displaying in the process of, and after jobs
3.5.81 17.02.2018 - Accela Integration:
- Resolved an issue that limited the number of General Comments / Standard Text to 20, now returns a maximum of 1000
3.5.80 31.01.2018 - Removed Unnecessary call in King Integration when getting doc subject.
3.5.79 30.01.2018 - Added UTF-8 encoding to the content type call "/av_con/servlet/AjaxHandler?GetBatchData=Y",
3.5.78 04.01.2018 - Changed Accela markup selection when no consolidation, to pick up all master markup files
3.5.77 19.12.2017 - Changed case sensitivity of versionField for King Integration
3.5.76 18.12.2017 - King enhancements / fixes
- Rebuilt King case retrieval to improve performance
- Added cancel checkout process after changing document subject to prevent document locking
- Added checkout process before change subject in King Integration.
- Updated BACOM online help
- Update to OpenDocList.jsp - RE. Support Ticket #2548
3.5.75 03.12.2017 - Fixes for the King integration
3.5.74 03.12.2017 - Extended the 'Insert Stamp' dialog in AutoVue to support Stamp 'User Fields'
- Extended the 'Select Review Department' dialog to preset the selected value to the current department
- Fixes for the King integration
3.5.73 01.12.2017 - Resigned all LCT applet jars
- Added V1.81 of the PDF module, with this version, the border on Adobe TextBox Annotations is not displayed, this resolves an issue with determining the height of the text box, as this is not stored in AutoVue unless a text box is resized
3.5.72 30.11.2017

- BACOM Integration:
- Removed the Standard Text markup entity functionality
- Removed the Symbols markup entity functionality
- If the file has been rotated, uses AutoVue Conversion to generate the PDF

3.5.71 21.11.2017

- Accela ME Integration: Now defaults to 'Stamp all pages' instead of 'Stamp 1st page only' when using batch stamping

- All integrations: Fixed an issue which prevented the 'Stamp 1st Page', 'Stamp All Pages' and 'Stamp no page' buttons from activating in the viewer

Added V1.8.0 of the PDF module, increased the AutoVue TIF conversion timeout to 120 seconds per page, was 60 seconds, which was insufficient for DWF files with embedded images


3.5.70 21.11.2017

- Added V1.7.9 of the PDF module, in this version changed the conversion logic for DWF files with unknown units, now sets the page size
to A2 for all such files.

- Infor integration:
- the 'Consolidated' and 'Final' reports now have a '.pdf' extension, irrespective of the source file mime type
- now uses the parameter 'reviewType' to set the markup entity colour and control stamp access based upon department

3.5.69 20.11.2017

- King Integration : enhancement to the STUF interface to improve content streaming

- Added V1.7.9 of the PDF module, in this version changed the conversion logic for DWF files with unknown units, now sets the page size
to A2 for all such files.

3.5.68 18.11.2017

- Added V1.7.8 of the PDF module, which contains the following enhancements:

- Increased the AutoVue TIF conversion timeout to 60 seconds per page, was 20 seconds, which was insufficient for DWF files with embedded images

- Now defaults to 'Print to PDF' if the AutoVue TIF conversion fails or times out

- Reset the 'Print to PDF' timeout to 20 seconds per page, had been reduced to 5 seconds which was insufficient

- If the number of pages in the source file is different to number of pages in the generated PDF, when using AutoVue TIF conversion, the PDF
is now regenerated using the Print to PDF method. This resolves an issue if the AutoVue converter stops before processing all pages.

- The Standard Text dialog has been extended to add the following functionality:

- A checkbox 'Keep Window Open', if ticked the Standard Text dialog stays open after inserting a text markup

- Radio buttons 'Insert as Text Box' and 'Insert as Note' allows the user to choose is text should be as a Text Box or Note markup entity

- A label in the Standard Text dialog indicates if text has been selected (only if the 'Keep Window Open' checkbox is ticked)

3.5.67 18.11.2017

- Infor integration :

- Now uses the DigEplan Gateway to login

- Resolved an issue with the Infor integration when deployed on Tomcat

- Fixed issues with PDF genertion and checkin, IPS Attachment Category now read from 'AgencyConfigInfor.ini' file

- Accela Integration : fixed an issue with processing Batch XML and CSV job files

3.5.66 05.11.2017

- Added V1.7.6 of the PDF module, which resolves an issue with PDF conversion of DWF files with units of Inches

- Resolved an issue with the 'Insert Stamp' button in AutoVue, the stamp selection dialog was not being displayed, this issue had been
introduced in V3.5.65 whilst extending DigEplan to work with AutoVue 21.0.1

- Accela integration:
- now generates a backup copy of each job record as an XML file and writes to a date specific folder, in the location
- added the option to resubmit jobs to the batch queue, by saving the batch queue to a CSV file and then copying the CSV file to the
monitored XML queue folder

- if a batch job has not been processed after 2 hours, the job status is set back to 'new' and a new batch job thread is started

- ME : the DigEplan server name is now displayed in the DigEplan title bar

- Added V1.7.7 of the PDF module, which now includes a timeout if the AutoVue TIF conversion does not complete in a calculated time period

- BAcom integration : fixed an issue with the launching of the German user guide

3.5.65 26.10.2017 - Accela ME integration : hide the Thumbnail frame as cannot communicate from AutoVue when using V21.0.1
3.5.64 24.10.2017

- BACOM integration : Added BACom User Guide

- Accela and BACom integrations : added the ability to search and filter standard text

- King integration : resolved an issue with the document subject missing in the batch queue

- Accela integration : "Internal Only" markup files are now automatically filtered from "Interim Reports"

3.5.63 13.10.2017

- Jar certificate updated, now valid until December 2019

- King integration, resolved versioning issue

- The 'lct_av_thumbnail' vuebean has been extended to determine the Thumbnail WSDL and Thumbnail image folder using the VueServlet URL
if the 'LCT_TN_WS_URL' and 'LCT_TN_IMAGES_URL' parameters are not specified in the AutoVue 'allusers.ini'

3.5.60 04.10.2017

- Updates to the King Integration

- For BACOM, the stamp indicator in the document list, is now only updated during the stamping process, if Oracle09 is set to 'Ja' in a stamp

- For Accela, the batch queue is called using the DigEplan launch URL to support load balancers

3.5.55 28.09.2017

- All integrations :

- The nightly house keeping job, now deletes any processed PDF job folders that were not removed after a job was processed.

- The nightly house keeping job, now deletes any DigEplan cache files that are older than the number of days specified in the
'av_con_ws' 'web.xml' parameter 'digeplanCacheDeletePeriod'

- Accela integration :

- The permit number is now appended to the title in AutoVue sub windows

- Resolved an issue with calculating the Stamp size and position on DWF file

3.5.54 27.09.2017

- All integrations :

- Added a new configuration parameter 'pdf2pdfa_type' to 'av_con_ws' that allows the PDF/A compliance type to be defined, if the
parameter is not set, the default value 'pdfa-2b' is used

- BACOM integration :

- If the original file is rotated in DigEplan, the PDF is now generated using the AutoVue Convert method, job folders are now being deleted

3.5.53 20.09.2017

- King Integration :

- Extended the integration to call STUFWebClientRS APIs to retrieve document properties and content

- Extended the integration to call STUFWebClientRS APIs to checkin a generted PDF

- All integrations :

- Fixed an issue with the left frame, which caused subject data to grow, based upon certain characters in the document subject name

- Added V1.7.5 of the PDF module, which resolves an issue that prevented a locked AutoVue generated file from being copied

3.5.52 18.09.2017

- BACOM integration :

- Fixed an Umlaut character display issue, if Umlauts included in a Stamp name

3.5.51 17.09.2017

- Accela integration : URL to launch the Batch Report uses the same URL as the DigEplan launch URL, to allow for HTTP load balancer

- BACOM integration :

- Modified German translations

- Removed erroneous characters from the standard text separators

- Fixed an issue when retrieving the 'isCanSaveFileOnDms' or 'isCanUseStamps'values

- If the original file is rotated in DigEplan, the PDF is now generated using the AutoVue Convert method, job folders are not deleted to allow investigation

- Removed the 'Hand Sign' buttons from the viewer UI as not required by BACOM

- Removed the German message that is displayed when closing the DigEplan browser window (issue 38)

- Changed the German translation that is displayed on the Stamp confirmation page

- Removed the 'Blocks' button from the Viewer UI as not required by BACOM

- The 'Trashed' icon is now set if a document has a status of In-Valid

- The PDF icon is now displayed in the left frame when a document is converted to PDF

- Fixed an issue with the display of Umlaut characters in the Standard Text dialog

- Changed the markup selection logic in the PDF generation for BACOM, if a 'Consolidated - Master' markup exists, this will be used. Otherwise all master
markups are used.

3.5.50 09.06.2017

- BACom enhancements / fixes:

- Included the 'agency code / DienststelleLeitzeichen' field in the AutoVue document properties

- It would appear an error is being thrown when reading the 'isCanSaveFileOnDms' or 'isCanUseStamps' values, added additional error
trapping to capture the cause.

- The PDF output mode now default to '1 - burnt in markups without coverpage'

- The logic to check if a valid stamp has been selected before stamping, has been extended to check if the first stamp in the list is selected
instead of checking for a particular stamp name.

- Added logic to check if the Generated PDF is the same file size as the Source file, if so regenerates the PDF using the AutoVue convert method

- Added additional checks to the standard text determination

- All integrations:

- If '<' or '>' characters are used in a stamp name, these characters are now filtered from the Stamp List

3.5.49 06.09.2017 Fixed UTF-8 encoding issues
3.5.48 31.08.2017

- Added additional German translations to the Standard Text dialog

- Resolved additional issue with the display of Umlauts in the left frame

- Added a new GUI file for BACom 'LCT_epermit_21_0_0_BACOM.gui', removed the Markup Entity 'Open' and 'Close' buttons

3.5.47 31.08.2017

- Removed the CORSA specific buttons from AutoVue in the Accela, Infor and BACom integrations.

- For the BACom integration, now disables the 'Stamp 1st Page', 'Stamp All Pages' and 'Stamp No Pages' buttons based upon access restrictions in the
'GetDienststellenDatenByToken' method

- Now resets the 'Selected Stamp' field in the left frame, when the 'Stamp Selected' or 'Stamp and Convert' buttons are pressed, resets user fields

- Updated some German translations for BACom

3.5.46 25.08.2017

- Added V1.7.3 of the PDF Module, which resolves an issue with the conversion of DWF file (AutoVue file type 2) that had units in Feet (AutoVue unit 9)

- For BACom the 'Trashed' icon can now be set by adding the attribute 'Oracle01|Ungueltig' to a stamp

- For BACom the Batch Report Queue dialog now shows Umlauts in the document subject column

- Batch Report window now displayed 1300x800, from both left frame button and when launched from batch stamp or PDF buttons

- Accela : To improve viewing performance, file pre-caching and thumbnail pre-generation has been added as an option (via web.xml parameter 'file_precache').
This functionality is triggered when the document list is prepared, prior to loading in the left frame. The pre-caching the thumbnail generation is
procssed in background via a queue to prevent overloading the DigEplan server.

Dependent upon the server hardware and number of files being processed,
the number of job processors can be set using the parameter 'Number_Job_Processors' in the 'av_wn_ws' web application. This functionality is currently
only active if the 'av_con' and 'av_con_ws' web applications are installed on the same server and is not triggered for the first file in the document list

- Added the latest BACom Web Services, which included an extension to the 'GetDienststellenDatenByToken' method to indicate is a user is allowed to stamp
or save PDF renditions back into BACom. As a result extended DigEplan for BACom, to disable Stamp and PDF functions based upon user authorisation.

- Added V1.2.2 of the Thumbnail jar, which fixes an issue where the thumbnail webservice was recalled when each page was loaded, not only calls the web
service once, when a file is loaded

3.5.45 20.08.2017

- Added additional German translations for BACom

- Added support for Feet and Yard units in the Batch Stamp and Manual 'Insert Stamp' functions

3.5.44 16.08.2017 Resolved an issue with file read from BACom web services, when using Batch PDF conversion
3.5.43 15.08.2017

- Added 1.7.2 of the PDF module which contains a fix for PDF files with a 270 degree rotation that had missing markup entities when converted to PDF.

For these files the AutoVue Convert method is used, instead of the PDF overlay method

- Updated 'Insert Stamp' functionality in AutoVue, to increase the size of stamps to 5% of document width, if the stamp is less than 5% of the page width
and the document type is AutoCAD DWG or AutoDesk DWF

- Resolved an issue when managing the return from the Web Services call, when calling Batch Conversion and Stamping from the left frame

3.5.42 07.08.2017

- Now deletes old PDF job folders from the DigEplan temp folder, when DigEplan is restarted

- Added V1.6.9 of the PDF module, this version provides functionality to generate a PDF rendition using the AutoVue convert to TIF, then wrap the
TIF file into a PDF. This provides a workaround for converting AutoDesk DWF files to PDF without using the 'Print to PDF' functionality.

- Added V1.7.0 of the PDF module, which includes the following fixes and enhancements:

- Resolved an issue with markup colours not being set correctly when consolidating markup files.

- When using the AutoVue Conversion method for DWF files, markup entity line thickness is increased by 5.0 units

- Resolved an issue with FreeStyle lines missing from Consolidated markup files

- Added a margin to PDFs generated using the AutoVue convert to Tif > PDF method

- Added POC for External Login

- Resolved an issue with reporting of errors in CORSA check-in, if a document is locked.

3.5.41 02.08.2017

- Added V1.6.8 of the PDF module with resolves an issue when consolidating AutoVue markup files

- Added V1.2.1 of the Thumbnail VueBean that prevents the thumbnail generation triggering for AutoVue Sub Windows in German

- Accela ME - no longer attempts to update the document status, unless a status is specified in a stamp

- Fixed issue with the Subject not being populated in the batch report for CORSA

- Accela & Infor : It is now possible to define default colours for each department, the colours are then automatically
assigned to markup entities.

- Accela & Infor : Fixed an issue with copying 'Final Consolidated' markups, where more than one document in a case contained such a markup file

- Accela : Now updates Review Comments on the source document, when the 'Final Consolidated' markup has been copied to a new review cycle document

- Accela : The 'Normal' markup type has been changed to 'Internal Only' in the markup save dialog

3.5.39 & 40 28.07.2017

- Fixed UTF8 encoding issues for BACom (display of umlauts in the left frame)

- Added V1.6.7 of the PDF module that has been further optimised to reduce processing times for the 'Print to PDF' method

3.5.37 & 38 25.07.2017 CORSA archive file fixes
3.5.36 21.07.2017

- Added the ability to search Accela Permits from the AutoVue 'DMS Search' dialog, this then provides the ability to compare and overlay
documents that are in different permits.

- For Accela and Infor, added an 'Overlay Selected' button to the DigEplan left frame, to allow a selected file to be overlaid on top the
document in the viewer main window

3.5.35 18.07.2017

- Resolved an issue to allow a PDF rendition to be generated for BACom without a coverpage

- Added a new GUI file 'LCT_epermit_21_0_0.gui' that is used for Accela US, Infor and BACom integrations

- Changed the BACom integration, so that the session username is determined from the client Windows user, Stamp authorisation can be
restricted based upon the department assigned to the user token or the Windows User

3.5.34 17.07.2017 Resolved an issue that prevented all Accela Record Properties (returned by the API) from being available as stamp attributes in DigEplan
3.5.33 13.07.2017

- Read-only flag now set on Adobe PDF annotation

- The Final Markup Consolidation in the PDF module, now re-attempts to process any markup entities that fail processing

- Base Infor Integration has been added

- Added Latest BACom Web Services consumer and changed the logic to return all documents in a case.

- No longer changes the markup entity colour, if a markup entity is set to 'Closed' or 'Open'

3.5.32 06.07.2017

File doc name is now assigned to the CSI_DocName property for Accela

- Added a confirmation dialog to the Markup Consolidate function

- Can no longer enter a value into the 'Department Selection' dialog

- Fixed an issue with Close of annotations in the viewer

- Refined the logic in the 'Markup Consolidate' function, to check both the bounding box and markup author.

- Resolved an issue with thumbnails being recreated each time an Accela file is viewed.

- Now sorts the Review Department list alphabetically

3.5.31 05.07.2017

- Corrected the German miss-spelling of 'Fehlerbehaftet'

- A new URL launch parameter 'newwindow=true' has been added, as the name suggests, this causes a new DigEplan window to be started,
instead of re-using the existing browser window. Note this adds additional load onto the DigEplan server, as a new session is started
for each window.

- Added support for Review Departments into the Accela and King integrations, the parameter 'ReviewDepts' has been added to the
Accela 'AgencyConfig.ini' configuration file and the Generic 'ReviewReportConfig.ini' configuration file

Example parameter value 'ReviewDepts=Planning|Fire|Transportation'

- Add basic support for Infor Plan Review

3.5.30 22.06.2017

- Fixed an issue with the display of the 'Batch Job Report'

BACom and Accela enhancements:

- Added new feature to allow an 'Interim Plan Review Report' to be generated directly from Viewer using selected markup files

3.5.29 22.06.2017

- Fixed an issue that prevented non consolidated markup files being selected for PDF conversion

- Fixed an issue with markup selection if there is more than one consolidated markup file
- Fixed an issue that caused client lockup, when consolidating if a new unsaved markup files is active

- Fixed an issue with PDF conversion of burnt in markups, closed markup entities were still being displayed

- Fixed an issue with the PDF module temporary folder not being deleted once processed

- Added ANSI page size icons

BACom enhancements:
- Now checks BACom Web Services and initial Token on the launch of DigEplan and displays an error page as appropiate 21.06.2017

- Added German and Dutch translations to the Markup Entity Custom VueBean buttons and dialogs

- Standard Text can now be selected via a double click
BACom enhancements:

- Added a default PDF configuration ini file lookup for BACom

- Now displays an error message in DigEplan, if a connection cannot be established with the BACom web services.

- Doc Subject is now being inclued in the Batch Job records

- Resolved an issue with USER fields when batch stamping

- The 'Consolidated_Review' markup name is now written in Dutch and German based on the language used in DigEplan

- The 'FInal Consolidated Annotations' markups is now saved in Dutch or German based on the language used in DigEplan

- Added the latest BACom web services consumer that supports a static doc ID

3.5.28 19.06.2017

- Extended to call BACom web services

- Enhancements for the BACom integration

3.5.27 07.06.2017

- Updates to the King integration.

- Added BACom web services

- Resolved issue with page size calculation on AutoCAD files for Accela ME (vuebean updated)

3.5.26 04.06.2017

- Accela V7 enhancements:

- The page size (attribute 'Oracle07') is now saved as an Accela document property

3.5.25 02.06.2017

- Accela V8 enhancements:

- Ensured all custom vuebean actions operate correctly in sub windows

- No longer removes 'Closed' markup enities when using the 'Consolidate' button in the viewer

3.5.24 26.05.2017

- Extended DigEplan to support King and BACom

- Extended the Job Processor to ensure the same job is not processed twice

- Modified the jsp function that displays the 'Batch Job Report' to support http load balancer

- Accela V8 enhancements:

- Added functionality to allow 'Standard Comments' to be inserted as TextBoxes

- Markups that begin with the name 'final_consolidated_annotations' are now editable by all users, to allow entities to be closed.

- Resolved in issue in the PDF module if an error is thrown during the markup consolidation processing

3.5.23 02.05.2017

- Accela V8 enhancements:

- A new config parameter 'ResubmitStatus' has been added to the configuration file 'AgencyConfig.ini' that allows a list of document statuses to be defined, that will activate the 'Resubmit' functionality within the 'Checkin Document Review' API

- Description of the PDF Rendition document in Accela is now set to 'fileName | docStatus'

- V1.6.0 of the PDF module, now ignores 'Closed' markup entities in the Annotation list and PDF Annotations

3.5.22 29.04.2017

- Fixed an issue in the VueBean heart beat, which reset the DMS Type to CORSA after 20 minutes, it now takes the value from the web.xml config file

- A language dependent 'Stamp name' entry should be added to the start of the 'dmsstampaccess.ini' if the first stamp is not to be automatically
loaded in th Stamp selection field in the left frame.

- Accela V8 enhancements:

- Added VueBean button 'INSERT_INTELLI_STAMP' to allow an Intellistamp to be selected and inserted in the active markup

- The Document Status is now set when the PDF rendition is created, not when the stamp is inserted

- Resolved an issue with child Note markup entities being duplicated when consolidating

- When selecting the GET_FINAL_MARKUPS vuebean, the current document is filtered from the list



Update to the King web service consumer classes in av_con and av_con_ws

Accela V8 enhancements:

Added V1.5.9 of the PDF module, this now sets the colour of the Consolidated markup entities to Red (value passed as a new parameter), also
increased the width of the 'Page' and 'Date' columns in the Annotations table to prevent wrapping on Letter portrait output.

- Markup selection for the PDF module, now checks for a Consolidated Markup plus any batch stamps created by the current use, or if a Consolidated
markup is not included, it uses all the Master markups for the current user.

- When using the 'Consolidate' button in the viewer, any Closed markup entities are not copied to the Consolidated markup

- When setting a markup entity to 'Open' or 'Closed' the undo stack is now refreshed, to prevent a user undoing the two step change

- Added VueBean button 'COPY_FINAL_MARKUP' to allow a 'Final Review Annotation' markup to be copied from one document to another in the same record

- Added messages when Open and Closing Markup Entities

- When using the 'Consolidate' VueBean, all other markup files are changed to 'Consolidated' the new consolidated markup is saved as a 'master'

- When using the 'Consolidate' VueBean, all markup entities are now added to the 'Open' layer

- When using the 'Consolidate' VueBean, any ‘Closed’ mark-up entities are not copied to the 'Consolidated' mark-up file

3.5.20 25.04.2017

Accela V8 enhancements:

PDF renditions can be assigned a status in Accela during checkin, based upon the parameter 'PdfRenditionStatus' in the 'AgencyCOnfig.ini' file

Markup entities can now be set to 'Open' or 'Closed' within the viewer, when the corresponding markup is saved, a job is scheduled to update. the corresponding document comments in Accela the corresponding document comments in Accela

Resolved an issue with Stamp access filtering if an Accela Department value is not specified

Added a 'Consolidate Reviews' button into the viewer, to allow all open markups to be consolidated and any duplicates removed.

3.5.19 24.04.2017

Accela V8 enhancements

Comments now closed in Accela, by setting the status in AutoVue via a custom VueBean button

Added new XML job type 'UpdateDocComment' that is generated when a markup is saved with 'Closed' comments (markup entities)

3.5.18 23.04.2017

Accela V8 enhancements :

Added PDF module V1.5.8 which added additional zones to the cover page

Checking using Accela Doc Review API is now working

The PDF Cover Page Layout filename is now set in the 'AgencyConfig.ini' allowing different layouts for different document statuses. It will be necessary to update any instance of 'AgencyConfig.ini' and the layout file names

- All Integrations:

The name of the selected Stamp is now included in the Batch Stamp confirmation dialog

3.5.17 14.04.2017

King web service consumer classes added to av_con and av_con_ws

Accela V8 enhancements:

PDF cover page set to 'LETTER' for Accela V8 (US market)

Added V1.5.7 of PDF module that supports a cover page with dynamic PDF layout

Extended the PDF module for Accela to output data for the PDF coverpage

Document Status filtering in the left frame is now working for Accela V8

Added background filtering for Accela Documents in a Record, based on Category, Group and Status values

Improved performance when loading left frame for an Accela record

3.5.16 30.03.2017

Message when closing DigEplan is now displayed in English, if language is not Dutch or German

Accela V8 enhancements:
 - Category and Group values are now copied from the source doc to the PDF rendition in Accela V8
- Date in PDF rendition file name is now MM-DD-YYYY for V7 it is DD-MM-YYYY

- Added support for an additional parameter 'idsource' in the 'RequestServlet' this allows the source of the DigEplan

launch URL to be defined, ie 'record' or 'document'

3.5.15 28.03.2017

Document 'sort_id' parameter now working with the Accela integration

'AccelaAgencyMapping.ini' file that allows the Communication user to be assigned for each Agency and Environment

'environment' as an additional launch URL parameter, to allow DEV or PROD to be passed when generating an Accela token

'Environment' field to the Accela login dialog

3.5.14 23.01.2017

Added DigEplan online User Guide (as a hyperlink above the AutoVue applet window) where the DMS is Accela

Added an Accela specific login dialog, due to the need to capture the 'Agency' value

Hyperlinks above the AutoVue applet now all use the launch URL path, was previously set to use port 8088

Added 'launch_digeplan.jsp' to allow DigEplan to be launched from an Accela custom portlet

Defaulted the markup type to 'Master' for Accela

Added '&password' as an additional optional parameter in the DigEplan 'RequestService' URL

The property 'FullUserName' returns the Accela full user name



3.5.13 15.01.2017 eSuite Enhancements
3.5.12 10.01.2017
AutoVue textual comments from the PDF Rendition. are now added as Review Comments in Accela V8

3.5.11 03.01.2017
Added new property 'PROP_Todays_Date_MM/DD/YYYY' for US market

Property 'CSI_Username' is now populated with the user's Full Name for Accela V8

For Accela changed the UI labels and messages that contain 'Case' to 'Permit'

For Accela V8 changed separator for Agency : User login from \ to /, ie Agency/Username

Resolved an issue that prevented 'View Selected' working with Accela V8 tokens

Now supports Record ID or Alternate ID in the Case Search field for Accela V8

Added V1.5.6 of the PDF module to resolve an issue with PDF annotations where the source file is not PDF

For Accela V8, markups passed to PDF module are only the current user's, thus supporting consolidation

3.5.10 05.12.2016

Added web.xml parameter 'DMS_API_Version' to both av_con and av_con_ws, to allow the Accela API versions to be defined

Activated case search for Accela V8

3.5.9  04.11.2016

'v_doc_id1' parameter is now mapped to 'sort_id' to enable sorting functionality (No longer is used for adding a list of documents)

3.5.8  25.10.2016 Resolved 'sort_id' issue in Verseon connector

Resolved hostname checks for servers that are not on a domains (Demo servers etc)

3.5.7  27.09.2016

Resolved an issue with units of 'Inches(default)' in the batch stamp module

Performance enhancement in Verseon case and document retrieval

3.5.6  22.09.2016
Fixed an issue with user department selection in batch stamping in the Accela integration

Resolved an issue with batch stamp size determination on Vector drawings with units in meters

3.5.2  01.07.2016
Added parameter 'pdfMarkupResizeFactors' to 'av_con_ws' 'web.xml' this is an optional parameter that allows scaling factors to be defined for PDF conversion of PDF files. The PDF markup scale factors should be specified in the form; page witdh:factor and pipe delimited, ie 1:100|500:75|1000:55 So using these example values, if the page size (width or height) is 600, the factor will be set to 75%

3.4.9  21.06.2016

Resolved an issue with a Cyan coloured java box being displayed in the top left DigEplan window.

Added V1.3 of 'lct_get_xrefs_from_file.jar' in av_con_ws, this version contains additional logging and has been compiled with AV21. Included 'jogl.jar' in the av_con_ws classpath for 3D files Extended the av_con_ws 'LCTEV_WS_Get_XREFS' web service method to add an aditional parameter for FileName, in AV 21 the filename is needed for file type determination of 3D files.

3.4.8 17.05.2016

Added av_con_ws web.xml parameter 'stamp_min_width_percentage', that allows the minimal size of a stamp to be defined as a percentage of the width of the document that is being stamped, ie 5%, expressed as a decimal 0.05  To deactivate set to 0.0

3.4.6 26.04.2016

Resolved issue with Accela 'userDept' when using Corsa

Accela: Now captures invalid document ID's

3.4.5 25.04.2016

Accela: New URL paramater 'userDept' added

PDF Module v1.5.2 added

3.4.4 20.04.2016

Refined calculation logic for page size in Batch Stamp method and e-permit jar

3.4.3 19.04.2016

Accela: 'getExtendedData' API now available when required when Batch Stamping 

Accela: changed logic to reduce API calls when populating left frame

Accela: API is called to log errors if found, when batch stamping or converting to PDF 

Accela: AutoVue v21.0 hand signs are copied to bin and client folders to make them available to client VueBean



Changed DigEplan GUI file to remove the markup entity toolbar buttons and menus for 'Hyperlinks', 'Attachment Options' and 'SignOff', as these aren't visible in PDF renditions.

Created a new GUI file that only contains set stamp custom buttons

Added a new 'av_con' 'web.xml' parameter 'dmsServlet'

Added support for Accela automation using the REST API

Set the 'LoginCheck' function in 'OpenDocList.jsp' to 5sec refresh internal, prevents login dialog locking

Added the AutoVue v21 English help files

Disabled the 'SignOff' markup entity in main DigEplan GUI file

Accela doucment status is now auto updated from Oracle01 stamp field value

Removed ';socket://<%=host%>:5099' from all jsp files, as direct socket connection no longer supported in AV21

Added file 'scale' into page size calculation in 'lct_epermit.jar' and batch stamp methods

Added file 'scale' into the batch stamp method for documents with MM units

Batch stamps are now automatically increased to a minimum of 10% of the page width

Added the 'baxzing' jar 'core=3.2.1.jar' to av_con_ws, this allows QR stamp generation

Added ability to auto create a QR stamp image, if stamp name beings with 'QRCODE'

Added a new 'av_con_ws' 'web.xml' parameter 'auto_pdf_stamp_name', if a value is specified, stamp auto added to document when PDF/A is generated

Accela document and record ID properies can now be added to intellistamps

Set the username to lower case once the authorisation ticket has been generated

Fixed login reuse issue when passing docID's in the launch URL

Implemented SSO for Accela by passing the SSO token in the DigEplan launch URL, if the token is not the value the login dialog is displayed

'request service' added to 'av_con' 'web_xml' to allow URL parameters to be passed, but hidden in browser

No longer stores the user session for the Accela connector

For the Accela connector, now ignores any 'case_id' parameter value in the URL and removes 'Case Search' and 'UI' hyperlinks from above the AutoVue applet frame.

Added a new 'av_con_ws' 'web.xml' parameter 'pdf_converter_file_types', which overrides the default PDF output module 'PRINT' mode, to use the 'AutoVue Convert' mode for the specified file types. If no type is specified, default logic in PDF output module is used. This parameter is only used if the value assigned to parameter 'pdf_output_method' is AUTO

For Accela, the 'Trashed' indicator is now set if 'oracle01|Deprecated' is added to a stamp

For Accela, the 'Locked' indicator is now set if 'oracle01|Approved' is added to a stamp

For Accela, the size of QR code stamps are not automatically increased on large page format documents 

Changed the prefix for QR Code stamp names to 'QRCODE:' instead of 'QR:'

Added support to generate a BarCode stamp of type 39, stamp names should be prefixed 'BARCODE:' 



PDF conversion engine update

Fixed missing markups during MS office format conversion to PDF

Fixed missing markups from some PDF document formats 



PDF conversion engine update

Extended tolerance for nearest 'A' page sizes  

Fixes page cropping for some file formats



Left Frame icon update issue resolved



Updated PDF password removal for protected files 



Updated URL for Digital Checklist Integration

Fixed additional issue with invalid DigEplan stamp access

Updated Verseon Web Service methods



Fix FBI & SquitXo : PDF conversion offset issue (conversion offset in 'Y' axis)

All connectors : removed default DigEplan sort of left frame

All connectors : fixed 'Select All' function when a filter is applied to left frame



Updated PDF conversion to scale high resolution photo's to appropriate page size



Fixed batch stamp username case sensitivity fix

Fixed re-generation of thumbnails for file based integrations



Fixed hand-sign username case sensitivity issue



Fixed hand-sign scaling issue (width and height)



Updated PDF Output for Squit-XO file based integration

Fixed batch processing thread issue causing conversion issues 



Updated PDF conversion system for Corsa DMS integration



Updates and Fixes for Verseon integration



Update to DTT communication interface for File Based Integrations (FBI)



Added SSO support for for Verseon



Left frame performance enhancements

Support for AutoVue 20.2.3 added

Username resolution bug fixes

Handsign username case sensitivity bug fixes

3.2.0 15.06.2015

Performance enhancements to left frame processing

Multiple changes to PDF processing module

Cumulative patch including security handling changes, left frame display issues etc

NTLM Header user validation replaced by username retrieval java applet 08.01.2015 Batch report validation checks enhanced for left frame icon updates 05.01.2015 DPP enhancements for PCM 09.10.2014 Digital Checklist integration added to DigEplan
3.1.9 15.09.2014 Subject field display now word wrapped
3.1.7 11.08.2014 Added handsign error validation where users do not have associated signature configurations
3.1.6 06.08.2014 Fixed issue with password erroneous characters causing authentication errors
3.1.5 28.07.2014

Hide document list now supported in all browsers

Batch report UI updated

New DigEplan action icons added

3.1.3 08.07.2014 PDF module enhancements - cater for multi page size documents and resolve empty page issues through AutoVue conversion
3.1.2 23.06.2014 Left frame display issues - multi browser support added
3.1.1 23.06.2014 Markup changes issue with Corsa connector resolved
3.1.0 15.06.2014 Enhanced PDF generation module
3.0.9 11.06.2014 Support for Unifier DMS added
3.0.8 31.05.2014 Change to PDF rendition generation - new overlay technology implemented
3.0.7 25.05.2014

Handsign feature added - Initials and signatures

Added support for handsigning from batch XML (workflow)

3.0.6 23.05.2014

Markup export bug resolved

Cross-domain AJAX calls issue resolved

3.0.4 16.05.2014 Status filter issues across multiple connectors resolved
3.0.1 16.04.2014

New DigEplan UI Design - technology change (AJAX calls for UI updates)

Support for document sorting in Left Frame

Check for XREFs additional configuration option added

Optional URL parameter 'sort_id' added to push a single document to the top of the left frame document list

Added Agenda display column to left frame

New DigEplan login page defined


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