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Configure Site Security Exceptions list in Java 7 update 51+ (also called livelink)


This article shows how to Stop Java pop-up warning messages when viewing files in Oracle AutoVue

If Java 7 update 51 or higher are installed on a client PC, adding the AutoVue server to the Java exception.sites list will prevent the following message from being displayed, when a file is viewed in AutoVue

It is recommended that the latest version of Java 7 is deployed on client PCs. Versions 7 update 51 and higher, provide the latest Java security and also provide an option to define a list of web applications that are trusted.

To set the Java 7 security settings on a client PC, display the Windows Control Panel, then enter Java into the Search dialog and press enter on the keyboard.

Important Note: Enter the name of the AutoVue server as it appears on the security warning pop-up (if the name in the security warning pop-up is a fully qualified domain computer name, it must be the same)

It is possible for a system administrator to maintain the server exception list and then distribute this to a user’s PC. The file exception.sites is stored in the user’s deployment security folder. On Windows its default location is C:\Users\JohnSmith\ADPPata\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\security\exception.sites. The name and location can be customized by setting the property in the file. For more information on user and system level deployment configuration settings, visit

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