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AutoCAD font incorrectly displayed in AutoVue


When viewing AutoCAD files in Oracle AutoVue, if AutoVue does have access to all the file resources, for example missing fonts, it will make a substitution.  In most cases, this is sufficient, but in the case below, the red circled text uses Unicode string \U+0278 (for the Electrical phase symbol) and this has not been substituted correctly.



If AutoVue makes a substitution, a yellow triangle is displayed in the AutoVue bottom left hand corner.

Double-click on the yellow triangle to view the details.  In this case, it can be seen that AutoVue was unable to access the romans.shx font and thus made a substitution using the AutoCAD_small1.uff font library.

In this case, to ensure the correct font is loaded, the ROMANS.shx font file must be obtained (it can be downloaded from the internet) and then copied to the AutoVue\bin\fonts folder on the AutoVue server.

So assuming AutoVue is installed in the folder c:\oracle, copy the font file to the folder c:\oracle\AutoVue\bin\fonts then close the AutoVue client session and start a new session to ensure the font is now displayed correctly.




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