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CORSA Web Service Versions - Upload and Download large files ( > 4Mb )


If you cannot upload or download large files in DigEplan, this is most likely due to an old version of the CORSA Web services (non-chunk).

In order to upload and download files larger than 4Mb with the BCT CORSA Web services, it is necessary to have the CORSA 'Chunk' web services with minimum version

If you have recently updated the CORSA Web Services to a version greater than, it will be necessary to update DigEplan.  

Note: DigEplan 'Non-Chunk' will still operate with the new 'Chunk' web services, but the file size for upload and download will remain restricted to 4Mb until DigEplan is updated.


Instructions to get the CORSA Web Service version are in the attached PDF.


Please note: support for 'Non-Chunk' versions of the CORSA web services (below version is discontinued with DigEplan Version 3.X.X

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