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Checking your AutoVue Version


There are two ways in which to check what version of AutoVue you are currently running. You can check which version of AutoVue you are running by either using the control on the AutoVue server or by launching DigEplan from your client machine.


Step 1. (AutoVue Server)

1. The first way would be to go to control panel, To access the control menu go on your start menu and start searching for control panel and clicking on the icon.

2. Then go to Uninstall a program and click the link.

3. Then navigate to Oracle AutoVue and the version will be listed in the last column to the right.


Step 2.
1. The second way of checking what version of AutoVue you are running would be to launch DigEplan. Start by launching DigEplan from Internet Explorer. Go to Internet Explorer and launch DigEplan as normal. 

2. Once DigEplan has launched click on 'Help' on the tool bar.

3. From the drop down menu then click on the About... option.

4. This will then display what version of AutoVue you are running.

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