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Stamping/Batch Stamping in DigEplan


1. In the left frame, check the checkbox next to the document(s) you wish to stamp as seen below. Note: It is possible to stamp multiple documents at once by select them using their checkbox



2. After selecting your document(s), click the 'Select a stamp' drop down menu and select the stamp you wish to apply



3. Now click the 'Stamp' button as seen in the image below to begin the stamp job process



4. In the pop up window, click the 'Start Stamp Process' button as seen below



5. The DigEplan Batch Job List window will now appear, you will see the job you just started at the top of the list. The status field (highlighted below) will change throughout the course of the job and will inform you once the job has been completed



6. Once the job has been completed, click the subject name of the document in the left frame to reload it



7. You will now see your selected stamp present and placed on the document


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