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DigEplan Installed Components


DigEplan Automated Installer

Main Components 

The following items are included within the DigEplan Automated Installer. When running the installer these will also be installed onto your server.

  • Java JRE 1.8
  • Java JDK 1.7 Update 80
  • Glassfish 3.1.43
  • BioPDF
  • AutoVue 21.0.0 + Patches
  • PDF Password Remover

Web Applications

  • DigEplan (av_con) web application | Deployed in Glassfish
  • DigEplan Web Services (av_con_ws) | Deployed in Glassfish
  • Lifecycle Thumbnails Web Services | Deployed in Glassfish
  • Lifecycle Thumbnails Repository | Deployed in Glassfish


Additional Components

The following items are required as part of the installation process to enable the King standard integration with DigEplan.

King STUF Web Service Client (Manual Install)

  • Java JDK 8
  • Apache Tomcat 8

Web Application

  • Stuf Web Client RS (Rest Client for King Stuf Web Services) | Deployed in Tomcat 8


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