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How to Configure DigEplan's subject field


Please note: this change will need to be applied to view and conversion servers. Also, the AV_CON_WS location will not be found on view servers as this application is only deployed on servers which handle conversion.

If you are configuring a conversion server or test environment, you will now need to repeat the steps in this guide for AV_CON_WS. You can find the web.xml for this application at the following address:

- (Drive):\Oracle\glassfish3\glassfish\domains\AutoVue\applications\av_con_ws\WEB-INF


1. On your DigEplan Server(s), head to the following location:

- (Drive):\Oracle\glassfish3\glassfish\domains\AutoVue\applications\av_con\WEB-INF


2. Once you are inside the directory, right click the 'web.xml' file, and click 'Edit', this will open the file in notepad.


3. Once the file has opened, look/search for the field 'subject_field' 


4. In between the <param-value>tags</param-value> replace the value with the subject type you wish to use. It is best to copy the name from the list above as to avoid any mistakes. Once you have made your change, click File > Save to save your changes.


5. You can now go ahead and restart the AutoVue Glassfish service on your view server for the changes to take effect.



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