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Lifecycle Technology JAR Re-Signer (Tomcat) - Updated for 2021


Getting Started

To begin you will need to  download the latest LCT Jar-Resigner application which you can find here  You will need a password to download the updater to request the password please email


Please note  you need to ensure that you run the JAR  with an account that has full administrative privileges.

Standard use 

1. Copy LCTJarResigner 30-11-21jar to your Tomcat web apps folder e.g.

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.0\webapps    2.Double-click LCTJarResigner LCTJarResigner 30-11-21.jar to run the program. The program will search for valid JAR files to update, and display their paths on screen 


2. Double-click LCTJarResigner 30-11-21.JAR to run the program. 
The program will search for valid JAR files to update, and display their paths on screen 


3. If you are happy with the JARs in the list, click OK to start the process. Otherwise, close the window. 

4. Once finished, you may click OK to close the window. 

5. You will need to restart the Apache Tomcat service to pick up the changes. Open up the Services application (you can find this by typing services into the Start menu search), right-click Apache Tomcat Server and click Restart


Update a specific JAR

  1. Copy LCTJarResigner 30-11-21.jar to your TomCat Applications folder e.g. C:\Oracle\tomcat\tomcat\domains\AutoVue\applications
  2. Open a command line and set the directory to the TomCatApplications folder.
  3. Run java -jar LCTJarResigner 30-11-21.jar the\path\to\your\jarFile.jar 
    No GUI will open; Only the specified JARs will be updated; You may specify more than one JAR in this way.


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    Rich Halliday

    For anyone that is still running Java JRE 6.X

    You will receive the following error;
    Could not find the main class: com.lct.jarresigner.JarUI.Program will exit.

    Please update the JRE on the server to JRE 8 to run this app
    You can download the JRE here;

    Please contact our support system if you are still having issues :)