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Converting an image in DigEplan, results in a blank output file



If after converting an image file in DigEplan, the image becomes blank, img2PDF converter is likely disabled on your server. This article details how to enable this feature.

Enabling img2pdf converter

The parameter image2pdf_converter_path is found inside the web.xml file inside the av_con and av_con_ws WEB-INF folders. The parameter will appear like this:



You will need to find the location of img2pdf.exe which should be found on the installation drive of DigEplan in the path seen below:


The Web XML files can be located at these locations on your DigEplan drive:

- AV_CON web.xml Location


- AV_CON_WS web.xml Location



The img2pdf.exe location path should be placed in between <param-value></param-value> tags as seen in the example below:



Once the parameters have been updated and the web.xml files have been saved, restart the AutoVue Glassfish service.

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